Phase 1: Commercial and Residential Areas Outside of the Downtown Core

Town Parking Management Chart

Project completed July, 2018.

The focus of Phase 1 of the Town Parking Management Study is the residential and commercial areas outside of Downtown. This project will help to:

  • Identify how many on-street and off-street parking spaces exist and how they are being used.
  • Evaluate how well requirements to provide parking match actual parking supply and demand.
  • Decide whether regulations and public policies need to be revised to better accommodate existing development and future growth.

what are we doing

Parking is about more than just having a convenient place to leave your vehicle. Parking affects many of the community’s goals, such as workforce housing, pedestrian-friendly street designs, and alternative transportation.

Workforce Housing Action Plan

The Workforce Housing Action Plan identifies that the current on-site parking requirements discourage the construction of denser workforce housing, that is needed to meet the community’s housing goals

Parking Study

The Parking Study will help shift the area around the “Y” intersection from its current vehicle-focus to be more pedestrian friendly as envisioned in the Comprehensive Plan.

Public Transit Options

Parking location and availability influences the decisions that people make about their own transportation. The Parking Study will influence public transit (START Bus) options.

Street Management & Enforcement

On-street parking policy has a major impact on the Public Works Department’s workload due to snow plowing operations and the Police Department’s workload for enforcement of on-street parking laws.