What type of pedestrian improvements, if any, should be required?


7.A. Sidewalks should be required primarily to connect commercial services with surrounding residential areas.

7.B. Sidewalks should be required for areas covered in Alternative 7.A and also between major residential neighborhoods.

7.C Additional sidewalks should not be required of private landowners but may be expanded by the Town using public funds where necessary.


Direction: Alternative 7.B: Sidewalks should be provided to connect commercial areas to surrounding residential areas, as well as between major residential neighborhoods.

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1. What portion of the additional 1,800 dwelling units should be transferred from the rural areas of the County into Town? (These units would be in addition to what is allowed by current zoning)?
2. What type of residential density is preferred? Where should residential density be located?
3. How should residential build-out potential be calculated and monitored?
4. How much of the additional density should be tied to requirements or incentives for workforce and/or deed-restricted housing?
5. Should the amount of commercial development potential in Town be reduced? If so, how?
6. What types of development should be subject to architectural design standards?
7. What type of pedestrian improvements, if any, should be required?
8. Should the Town strive to increase connectivity for all modes of travel by trying to encourage or require that all blocks be more similar in size to those downtown?