How should the buy / sell process work?

Status Quo

The current status quo includes:

  • Attainable homes: owner identifies a buyer and the Housing Department qualifies the buyer.
  • Affordable and Employment-based homes: Housing Department facilitates the transaction and receives a 2% fee from the seller’s proceeds; the buyer is selected through a tiered lottery.


10.A. The status quo.

10.B. Includes 10.A plus give preference to households who are renting restricted units.

10.C. Includes 10.A plus give preference for retirees that can verify employment for 10 or more years in Teton County immediately prior to retiring.

10.D. Includes 10.A plus give top preference for households that have repeatedly submitted for the lottery unsuccessfully for a minimum period of time.

10.E. Includes 10.A, except remove preference for qualifying households to purchase homes that are located within the neighborhood that they currently reside.

10.F. Includes 10.A, except draw lottery in a public meeting.

10.G. Includes 10.A, except use a point system lottery for all ownership units.

10.H. Includes 10.A, except remove preference for Critical Services Providers.

10.I. Includes 10.A plus include preference for Town and County employees

10.J. Includes 10.A plus require households to pay fees for the following: lottery entry, annual requalification, and review of capital improvements.

10.K. Some combination of B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and J.


The Council and Commissioners reached consensus on an alternative that was not presented by staff.

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1. What should the employment criteria be to rent or purchase a restricted home?
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7. How should sale/rent price be set?
8. How should restricted ownership homes be valued at resale?
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10. How should the buy / sell process work?
11. What types of relief should be allowed from the Rules and Regulations?
12. How should new Rules and Regulations be applied to existing units?