2009 Jackson / Teton County Community Vision

This section includes:

  • The Community Vision and Sustainability Concept
  • Balancing Community Values
    • Past comprehensive plans dealt with separate, unrelated elements
    • This Plan balances and prioritizes the community’s values using the concept of sustainability
  • Prioritizing Community Values
    • Promote Stewardship of Wildlife and Natural Resources (Theme 1)
    • Manage Growth Responsibly (Theme 2)
    • Maintain Town as the “Heart of the Region” (Theme 3)
    • Meet Our Community’s Housing Needs (Theme 4)
    • Provide for a Diverse and Balanced Economy (Theme 5)
    • Develop a Multi-Modal Transportation Strategy (Theme 6)
    • Provide Quality Community Services, Facilities, and Infrastructure (Theme 7)
  • Relationship of the Themes and Future Land Use Plan