2007 to 2008 Workshops & Surveys

Phase 1: Start-Up/Public Participation Strategy (August 2007)

The Planning Team kicked-off the project, launched this website, identified preliminary issues the plan update will need to address, and prepared the public participation strategy and project schedule.

Phase 2: Inventory & Issues (Fall 2007)

The planning team analyzed current trends, issues, and conditions in the community and prepare inventory maps. Documents summarize:

  • 1994 Plan Assessment
  • Community data (GIS maps, demographics, economic)
  • Regulations and connection to the plan
  • Relevant plans/policies


Guiding Principles

Phase 3: Vision, Goals & Policies (Fall 2007)

The planning team worked with the public to refine and update the 1994 Plan Vision Statement and began to update goals and policies of the plan, relating to a variety of topics (housing, land use, transportation, sustainability, etc.).


Phase 4: Future Land Use Plan, Scenarios & Policies (Winter / Spring 2008)

The planning team worked with the community to prepare growth and conservation scenarios, prepare a draft future land use plan, and refine the plan’s goals and policies. The community had several opportunities to give ideas and comments.


Phase 5 & 6: Implementation Strategies & Draft Plan Document (Summer 2008)

The planning team prepared strategies or actions necessary to implement the plan, based on input from the community and an understanding about “what is the community willing to do?” The team put the earlier pieces of the plan together.