What does “healthy wildlife populations” mean?


1.A. Wildlife movement and habitat should be integrated into development (close to status quo).

1.B. Local experts report wildlife population are healthy.

1.C. Few, if any, human wildlife conflicts occur (e.g. wildlife-vehicle collisions).

1.D. Wildlife are not reliant on humans (e.g. wildlife feeding, bears in trash) (status quo).


Direction: Use the best available science to permit development in a way that protects sufficient habitat and connectivity to reduce human wildlife conflicts and promote native species resiliency.

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1. What does “healthy wildlife populations” mean?
2. How should the presence of wildlife habitat affect development rights on a property?
3. Why should we protect water-bodies and wetlands?
4. When is a site specific study of natural resources needed?
5. What, if any, types of impacts should require mitigation?
6. Should the County have a habitat restoration program to improve the success of mitigation?
7. What, if any, types of development should be allowed to impact natural resources?
8. What standards should apply when a building (or other development) that is already impacting a natural resource, proposes expansion?
9. To what extent should we regulate wildlife-friendly fencing?
10. What incentives should be provided for natural resources protection?