Wildlife Friendly Fencing Amendment

Project Summary: 

This project proposes an update to the Wildlife Friendly Fencing regulations outlined in Section 5.1.2 of the LDRs.  The update includes clarification and predictability to existing fence repair and replacement standards, additional exemption for agricultural operations, and an update to the design requirements for wildlife friendly fencing.  The updates were a cooperative effort between the Teton Conservation District, WY Game and Fish,  Teton Wildlife Foundation, the County, concerned members of the public, and local agricultural operators. The updates also follow the guidance outlined in the Wyoming guide to Wildlife Friendly Fencing which is published by the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation in cooperation with ranchers and agricultural operators throughout the state.


Wyoming Wildlife Foundation Fencing Guide

Buck and Rail Fence
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June 9, 2021: Draft Amendment Language Available for Public Review

Draft language for the Wildlife Friendly Fencing Amendment (AMD2021-0003) is now available for review. The Teton County Planning Commission will meet on July 12, 2021 to review the proposed language.