Subarea 5.6 Northern South Park Neighborhood Plan

Project Summary: Prepare a conceptual Neighborhood Plan for Subarea 5.6 Northern South Park to best allocate the community’s remaining residential density within the overall cap in a manner that optimizes balanced Comprehensive Plan goals and informs future zoning decisions and development patterns. The Plan will focus on physical design, both public and private realm and site planning, as well as developing the related policies and tools necessary for successful implementation. The primary goal is to develop a community vision for this area, and to expand the affordable and workforce housing development opportunities in the community consistent with the vision and chapter goals identified in the soon to be updated 2012 Jackson/Teton County Comprehensive Plan. The Plan will include an implementation component describing a path forward for the rezoning and development of the area.

  1. News & Highlights
  2. Project Status

UPCOMING: January 15, 2021 Steering Committee Meeting 

WHEN: 9:00am (MT) on January 15, 2021

WHERE: Zoom or call-in at 669-900-6833  and enter Webinar ID: 960 1319 8804


  1. Follow-up from December meeting (9:00-9:10)
    1. December meeting notes: any edits?
    2. Check-in on project scope and timeline (closing out Phase 1)
    3. Inter-meeting communication share 
    4. File storage and sharing check-in
  2. Establish Steering Committee protocol and ground rules (9:10-9:35)
    1. Understanding of role 
    2. Group protocol 
    3. Refinements/additions to critical success factors
    4. Group value statements 
  3. Stakeholder Selection for interviews and surveys (9:35-9:45)
    1. Review stakeholder list prepared by staff 
    2. Additional stakeholders that should be considered? 
  4. Data Inventory and Existing Conditions Information (9:45-9:55)
    1. Assessment of data resource list 
    2. Additional resources to offer?
  5. February Meeting
    1. Review Summary of Stakeholder Interviews 
    2. Review Existing Conditions Report 
    3. Prepare for public Workshop #1 



Send list of additional stakeholders (if any) for consideration (to Kristi)


Send additional data/resources to assist Opticos in preparing an Existing Conditions Report (to Kristi)


> November 17, 2020: Contract approved for Opticos Design consultant firm 

At their November 17, 2020 meeting, the Board of County Commissioners entered into contract with Opticos Desgn to serve as consultant group in support of the Northern South Park neighborhood planning process. Please see the links below and the Opticos Design website for more information on their work in other communitites and their plans for a cooperative process in our community. 

View the Proposal for Services from Opticos Design here.

View the Contract for Services between Teton County and Opticos Design here.

> October 21, 2020: Open Call for Stakeholder and Steering Committee Applications 

As our community embarks on creating a new neighborhood focused on supporting and enhancing our shared values, you are invited to join the planning effort. Teton County and the Town of Jackson are seeking interested Stakeholders and Steering Committee members to help create a Neighborhood Plan for Northern South Park. The Neighborhood Plan process will determine the future character and allowable development for Northern South Park. Members of the public who have an interest in the planning process for the future of this area and our community are encouraged to apply for either or both participation options.   

Selected Stakeholders will be interviewed or surveyed about their concerns, interests, and knowledge of the area as part of the public engagement process for the Neighborhood Plan. Additionally, members of the community who would like to be more involved and to help guide the planning process may identify their interest in serving on a Steering Committee. Steering Committee members will be required to dedicate significant time to this effort by attending 2-4 meetings per month between November 2020 and July 2021 to provide consistent feedback to the project team (meeting dates and times TBD). 

Neighborhood planning for Northern South Park, also known as Subarea 5.6, is identified in the draft update to the Jackson/Teton County Comprehensive Plan. The upcoming neighborhood planning process is the next step in implementing the community vision for this area. In addition to the Stakeholder interviews and Steering Committee, the public will have more opportunities for participation through community meetings, online surveys, charettes, open houses and other forms of engagement that will be determined once a planning and design consultant has been identified.  

To apply, please complete the application HERE by Sunday, November 8, 2020.  

> September 21, 2020: Request for Proposals relased 

Teton County Planning & Building Services Department is requesting proposals for a Neighborhood Plan for Northern South Park. Qualified consulting firms will have considerable experience in community engagement/participation, visioning, planning, design, affordable housing, transportation, and market analysis to develop the neighborhood plan.

Click Here to review the formal Request for Proposals

Click Here for free registration and to submit a Proposal via the Public Purchase website for bid number 132998.

All proposals must be submitted to the Public Purchase website by 4:00 PM (MT) on October 19, 2020.

> July 21, 2020: Board of County Commissioners approve FY21 Work Plan directing staff to prepare a Neighborhood Plan for Northern South Park 

FY21 Task Chart

FY21 Task Goal

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FY21 Status

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