Growth Management Program (GMP) Review & Comp Plan Update

Project Summary: This project is a systematic review of the effectiveness of our current Growth Management Program for the Town and County as it relates to Comprehensive Plan principles, policies, strategies, and indicators. The goal is to check-in and identify any corrective actions that are needed to better implement the Comprehensive Plan's community vision. The Growth Management Program review was triggered in 2016 upon hitting the 5% growth trigger built into the Comprehensive Plan update process when it was adopted in 2012. 

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Now More Ways to Review the Comp Plan Public Draft!

In addition to the previously released Draft 2020 Comp Plan Update and Guide to reviewing the Draft, a "redline" or "tracked changes" version of the Draft is now available. All proposed modifications to the 2012 Jackson/Teton County Comprehensive Plan under consideration as part of the 2020 Comp Plan Update are represented as blue text; strikethroughs indicate language proposed to be removed from the Plan; underlined text indicates language proposed to be added to the Plan. No graphics are represented in this version, but notes are made in the text where graphics are proposed to be added or amended. Please note that formatting and page numbering in this version are different than previously released versions. 

CLICK HERE to review the 2020 Comp Plan Public Review Draft with proposed changes tracked

March 30, 2020: Guide to Comp Plan Public Review Draft Available 


March 20, 2020: Draft 2020 Comp Plan Update released for public review 

Click on the image below to review the first public draft release of Comp Plan updates: 

comp plan2

October 14, 2019: GMP Phase 1 Paper Released 

A summary paper of data trends and associated public perceptions has been released as a conclusion to Phase 1 of the Growth Management Program Review. This paper incorporates data analysis of indicators the Planning Department measures annually, stakeholder responses to the Comp Plan Audit exercise, in-person interview insights, and the results of nearly 600 responses to the online community survey. Click here to read...

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October 7 & 8, 2019: Informational Presentation & Public Open House

Town and County Planning Staff held a joint Town and County Board of Commissioners meeting on October 7th, as well as a community open house with informational presentations at the Center for Arts on October 8th. The presentation from these events provides background information on our process so far, as well as a thorough description of our analysis. Versions of the presentation can be watched below. Open house participants were asked to brainstorm potential corrective actions that could be integrated into the Comprehensive Plan to help us better achieve our goals. These ideas will launch us into Phase 2 of the project where corrective actions are considered. 

Watch the Full Presentation HERE

September 19, 2019: Growth Management Program Community Survey Results

A key component of this review and update process is public outreach and engaging with the community to gather meaningful feedback.

The survey closed September 19, 2019. See the results below! 


June 3, 2019: Scope of Work and Contract Approval:

At their joint meeting, the Jackson Town Council and the Teton County Board of Commissioners approved a proposed Scope of Work and a contract for Logan Simpson Design to act as consultant for this project. In response to Council and Board interest, the timeline for this project was accelerated to begin immediately and be completed by February 2020. Click on the "Project Status" tab above to see where we are within the process outline. The full staff report, Scope of Work, Contract and supporting documents can be accessed in the "Documents" link in the bar to the left of this page.