Clerk of the District Court

  1. Jury Scam Press Release

    In the past couple of years we have heard of a variety of scams related to jury service. Please visit our office or call us at 307-733-2533 to verify your juror status in our court if you ever have questions or concerns. Read on...
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July 1st Changes

The Teton County District Court filing fee has increased to $110. 

Please see District Court Fees information for additional details.

Adoption Decrees & Reports

Please submit the Report of Adoption with your sections completed when you submit the proposed Decree of Adoption.

Official Duties

The Clerk of District Court is responsible for accurately and effectively processing and managing the case files and court records of the Ninth Judicial District Court of Teton County. 

We provide:

  • District Court record information 
  • District Court case processing
  • Child support customer service
  • District Court jury pool management 
  • Passport application processing

For misdemeanor offenses, traffic citations or other tickets, please refer to your citation or court document for which court to contact. You may need to contact Teton County Circuit Court at 307-733-7713 or the Town of Jackson Municipal Court at 307-733-3932, ext. 1152.

Customer Service Statement

We are thorough, trustworthy, respectful, and committed to learning and continuous improvement.

Obtaining Legal Advice

The Clerk of District Court's Office is dedicated to efficiently and effectively assisting the citizens of Teton County and all other individuals or agencies in need of our services. However, we are not attorneys and Wyoming State Statute 5-3-213 prohibits the Clerk of Court or Deputy Clerks from giving legal advice. If you are in need of legal assistance you may contact the following organizations: